Destine Research Group, LLC.


Information assurance

Drawing upon our people-process-technology triangle, DRG utilizes a “systems of systems” life cycle approach to efficient, secure IT management with a strong focus on configuration control and documented processes. Due to the increased threat to vital commercial and government IT infrastructure, DRG focuses not only on layered security, but addresses the larger security context including IT processes, personnel training and readiness, continuity of operations, Information Assurance and data recovery.

DestinE Research Group provides policy interpretation and implementation for statutory and regulatory compliance with Clinger-Cohen Act 1996(CCA), Federal Information Security Management Act 2002 (FISMA), DOD 8570.1-M guidance and organization tracking systems, and DOD 8500 DIACAP requirements including the usage of the EMASS and EITDR/SISSU process for DIACAP compliance and CCA reporting.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance processes are an integral function of our responsibilities. We pride ourselves on our high quality of work. We hold ourselves responsible to ensure that our services are consistently of the highest quality. To that end, we rigorously pursue continual process improvement. For the employees of DestinE Research Group, simply meeting the standard is not sufficient. As a result, we produce quality services; we deliver them on schedule and in a highly efficient manner.

Our process is repeatable and sustainable in our organization or yours. We offer a wide variety of services in each area of the quality assurance domain. Our organizational assessments provide stakeholder a clear understanding and a detailed gap analysis to plan by. Our team can provide the improvement plan as well as implement it.


DRG is provides expertise in testing the interoperability of C4I systems as well as classified networks and RF datalinks. We maintain significant experience in configuration management, IA, DIACAP, Process creation, and directive consulting that touches every area of RDT&E. DestinE Research maintains a significant presence in test community from not only a contractor perspective but as SME’s focused on bettering the systems and practices within the RDT&E networks. We participate to promote the use of LVC as way to save tax dollars and expedite tools to assist test and training.